From the very beginning Pinokio has been building its name on excellent quality and safety. Our efforts were awarded already after 4 years of production. Nowadays, with 20 years of experience, we undertake all our endeavours to offer you yet better products.

We want to have full control over the production process. For this reason, we decided to base all the production line in Poland. Over 95% of our products are made in our sewing headquarters in Piotrków Trybunalski. Every item of clothing is carefully scrutinized by our experienced employees. Besides, we choose good materials so that the clothes do not shrink or lose colour while washing.

We only use fabric and accessories from Polish and German companies we have been working with for many years. We care that the materials are not only durable but most importantly safe for children, without any toxic substances.


“Safe for children”

In 2009, we received “safe for children” certification, issued by the Textile Research Institute TRICOTEXTIL. In order to get the certification, companies have to meet the criteria of quality, safety of use and impact on the environment. Research focuses on the use of toxic substances, heavy metals and impact of dye on human health. The certification is a proof that our products do not irritate children’s skin and will not affect their health in the future.